Tired of swirl marks, scratches, and other paint blemishes?  Restore your paint to optimum condition with our multi-stage paint correction services.

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Are those swirl marks and paint blemishes making you mad? You want your vehicle to look it’s best. Over time, the elements and other outside factors have negative effects on your paintwork. Swirls marks, hazing, surface scratches, spider scratches, bird dropping marks, sap etchings, automatic car wash scratches, etc. can all leave their impressions on your paint, lessening the reflective capability and reducing the amount of luster on your paint.

At Prime Detailing, we specialize in Multi-Stage Paint Correction designed to bring you vehicle’s paint back to a shine and luster that’s even better than factory finish. We use the finest compounds and polishes, and the latest in Paint Corrective tools  to get the job done.

Paint Correction Services:

We have two standard paint correction services, which are both excellent for removing swirls and minor surface scratches. It would just depend on the severity of the blemishes on your black paint.

Single Stage Polish (5 hours minimum)

Cars $375  |  SUV's, Trucks, Vans $475 and up

This service is excellent for removing light surfaces blemishes like minor scratches, hazing, and minor swirl marks, expect an 55%-65% improvement in paint appearance.

  • Hand wash and clay bar

  • Single stage paint correction with a hybrid compounding polish

  • Exterior trim reconditioning

  • Wax sealant

3-Step Paint Correction (8 hours minimum)

Cars $595  |  SUV's, Trucks, Vans $700 and up

This service is best for heavily blemished paintwork, where swirls are so bad that you can see them from far away. Expect an 85% - 95% improvement in paint appearance.

  • Hand wash and clay bar

  • First Step : leveling compound to remove swirls, surface scratches, and various other paint blemishes

  • Second Step : polish to correct hazing caused by first step, as well as enhance the paint's luster

  • Third Step : wax sealant

  • Exterior trim reconditioning

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